Wide shot of three dancers rehearsing in a classroom

TEMPLE shines the spotlight on the fraying of public life and the growing reality that people participate in institutions less and less.Through the language of Indian Dance and Hip Hop culture, TEMPLE explores the experiences and stories of a South Asian immigrant journey through the lens of three pivotal institutions. TEMPLE engages the audience through story-telling, visual projections, and reflection, and showcases the limitless ways in which Hip-Hop continues to transform, inspire and unleash untapped talent and power.

Evening Length, Approximately 75 minutes

Premiered at Joe’s Movement Emporium, NextLOOK (December 2019)


Wide shot of three dancers performing onstage

TRIBE highlights the talented collective of female artists coming together from diverse backgrounds to explore the intersections of Indian dance and Hip Hop dance culture. This piece is infused with energy, soul, power, and community.

Short Piece, Approximately 10–12 minutes

Premiered at PearlPRESENTS Dance Festival (Staycee Pearl & Soy Sos Dance Project, Pittsburgh)


Wide shot of dancers performing in a park

This work-in-progress explores the continual journey of finding belonging and security within and outside of community.

Short Piece, Approximately 5 minutes

Created through a residency with Slippery Rock University Dance Majors (Slippery Rock, PA)

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